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May the wind be at your back along your journey towards health, fitness, and peace of mind. 

Sep 12, 2019

Timothy Noakes joined us for a chat after the appeal of his case in South Africa. The case and a recent anniversary of the victory have been documented exceptionally well by Marika Sboros on her website

Marika is the co-author with Tim Noakes on the book Lore of Nutrition, which was presented as evidence in...

Sep 10, 2019

In the Summer of 2017, Marika Sboros had been covering the Trial of Tim Noakes extensively since its inception. Together with Tim Noakes, she wrote a book entitled Lore of Nutrition.

This interview was conducted before the book was released. The book Lore of Nutrition was used as evidence in the appeal case, which ended...

Sep 6, 2019

Rick Marchetti joins us today to chat about using a ketogenic diet to stay lean during middle age, applying the discipline required for bodybuilding to everyday life, as well as the importance of faith, family, and gratitude. We also talk about steroid use, food bringing people together, and looking at the big picture.

Sep 2, 2019


Alan Levinovitz is an Associate Professor of Religion at James Madison University and the author of The Gluten Lie: And Other Myths About What We Eat. He joins us to chat about how rituals impact our lives and his upcoming book about the meaning of "Natural", which will be published in the Spring of 2020. 

Give him...