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May the wind be at your back along your journey towards health, fitness, and peace of mind. 

Sep 20, 2018


Howell Armand Hargett is an actor and producer in Los Angeles, CA. In 2014 he won an award at the Route 66 Film Festival in the People's Choice Competition for the film Nothing in Los Angeles.


Why does this get Armand fired up?

"To me it's all about inner spirit. You gotta have a fire that burns within you that's unique and all yours... You have to keep yourself original and genuine. Stick to your plans and personal goals."


"About 3 years ago I completely decided that I was going to become a vegan, and this is a very bizarre thing for me because of my background. My parents are both from the South. We were major meat eaters. I grew up in a culture of eating meat & dairy, and it was all a big part of my life.

For me to make a change like that was just really interesting to say the least. But, I just decided to make that transition and give it a try just to see if I could maybe really change the way I felt about myself, the way I feel about life, and everything."

Armand has completely eliminated red meat, dairy, alcohol, and most of the coffee in his life. From three years prior to the time of recording this interview he lost about 100 lbs, going from approximately 290 lbs to somewhere between 190 -195 lbs (at 6' in height). He tells us that he no longer misses meat or dairy, and this has completely changed the way he thinks about things. He does tell us that while being mostly vegan he still eats fish, so technically he is a "pescatarian"; however, all other animal products have been removed from his diet.


For fitness Armand keeps it simple, and prefers to go on a brisk walk every day for about 30 minutes.

He tells us his key to his own fitness is:
"Learning to make your mind and your heart really good dance partners. Just look at your mind and your heart as a Tango couple that are totally in tune with the dance of life."

Peace of Mind

"Well, you have to develop a core belief system. I think this is kind of like a garment that you need to go shopping for and figure out something that really fits for you. Maybe (as an example) an overall mantra that you say: this is the person I am and this is the person I want to be, and this is the custom belief system that I want in my life: the approach I'm going to take."

Adapt & Overcome

"I think it is always really good on any kind of journey that you set out to embark on, that you have a very good general idea of where you're going. What's your goal? Where do you want to be?

You know when an airplane takes off from JFK in New York headed non-stop for Honolulu, Hawaii the nose of the airplane is not always pointed directly at Honolulu within the course of that 10 or 11 hour flight. There are adjustments that have to me made. There's storm systems you need to fly around, there's other aircraft, you're going to have to change altitude. There's a lot of things you're going to have to massage  on this journey from New York City to Honolulu. But, then before you know it you break through the clouds, you see a beautiful island down there, and the nose of the airplane lands right on the runway in Honolulu. 

During the course of your journey, on where you're going and your goals and things like that, just always recheck your systems... and enjoy the trip out there. There are going to be things that may set you back or things that you're going to have to deviate around, but it's all in kind of like looking out the windows of your cockpit and just saying 'Okay, it looks like we're still generally heading West in our direction.'

You will, if you just keep trudging ahead, achieve what you want to achieve out of your life... I think the worst thing you can do is lose sight of your general plan, and change course in the mid direction. There is a point A and a point B. Just keep heading toward the place that you want to be. Enjoy those little things that kind of set you back. Enjoy the argument that you're having. There's gonna be things. It's life. Enjoy life.


"I got the bug to be an actor back in High School because I was actually living up in Brookings, South Dakota, and life is an indoor sport up in South Dakota during the Winter time. So, I stated doing some plays... It just turned into my sport. I guess I just kind of got into what I call "the presentational sciences" early... After awhile you get your ego to the point where you think 'Okay, I know how to turn the switch and do this thing.'

There's so many people who try to make acting so complex, and acting is just really a simple, simple, little thing that you can do just basically in your back yard all by yourself. All of the sudden you just start being someone you want to be, or playing a part. You just walk right into it. Since my parents are both from the South I'm totally into the storytelling process...

My one addictive drug is escapism. I love to go to movie theaters and dream with my eyes wide open."

What has been the most rewarding part, for you, about your experience as an actor?

"It's all in the journey of getting to know yourself, I think, and being really honest with yourself, and accepting of who you are and what you're meant to be and do."