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May the wind be at your back along your journey towards health, fitness, and peace of mind. 

Oct 18, 2018

Jay Campbell is a Champion Men’s Physique Competitor, Author, and Entrepreneur.

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"I've tried pretty much everything... I've worked with various people on diet and fitness, and I kind of evolved my own diet. It was a version of a fasting diet, but it was also tailored to the unique wants and needs of the individual. Subsequently, I think it was about 2012, maybe 2013, we came up with a version of The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet. I used it with my inner circle... all the way up until we wrote a book on it, which came out at the end of September 2017. "

Jay explains his protocol of Intermittent Fasting wherein a person eats a large, high-protein, meal before the fast begins with a period of fasting that lasts about 18-24 hours. Essentially, on weight lifting days the individual needs to eat, and on non-weight lifting days the individual fasts for 18-24 hours, and ideally practices some form of fasted cardio (with that cardio session being LISS, or low intensity-steady state cardio).

We talked about the concept of eating a high protein meal prior to a long fast in Episode 106 with J. Wes Ulm.


"The most important thing as we age is to build muscle... Muscle is the greatest deterrent to disease because the more muscle a person has the more metabolically active they are, that also means the more resistant they are to the various diseases of aging. All disease is metabolic in nature... it's a very intricate system internally..."

Jay explains that the higher muscle mass a person has, the less insulin resistant they become. Since there are so many diseases with metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance as a primary factor, therefore a higher insulin sensitivity (or less insulin resistance) makes a person more resistant to diseases.

For his personal training schedule: currently Jay lifts weights Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, with Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday being fasting days combined with LISS cardio.

Peace of Mind

"Honestly, up until 6 years ago my peace of mind was to go to sleep at night... Basically, what I would call peace of mind is doing 'inner work'... however you define it, it's a silencing of the mind, and all of this insanity that we have today from a technology standpoint, from a distraction standpoint, from social media ... As a human being you have to be able to go and separate that, (and) have what you would call 'me time'... a lot of people talk about meditation... it's kind of hard sometimes to go within and settle down. So, for me I do a lot of contemplation... going to a place where I am peaceful and there is no distraction... That, for me normally, is to go out in nature... in commune with Mother Earth... You're essentially connecting with all that is on this planet... depending on your level of belief, and depending on what you do that can consist of anything. For me, it's praying, and I'm in essentially my own conversation with God... I'm not a religious person at all, but I'm just a spiritual person. I believe God is within all of us, and that we all have souls, and by getting in touch with our souls we're on a direct pipeline to God."

We talked about the similarities between prayer and meditation before in Episode 101, with RuEl.

Adapt & Overcome

"The greatest opportunity in life is through contrast and struggle... I've always been a go-getter. I've always been a do-it-yourself person. But, once I started realizing that there were no mistakes, there were no failures, there were no collapses, that everything was a learning experience and an opportunity to be better and to learn from, my entire life changed.

I look at that now today, and I always try to work with as many people as I can because I'm all about service to others... That's my whole entire life now... That's really the goal of being here as a human: How many people can you truly help and serve?"

May the wind be at your back...

We covered so many topics in this episode, and ran out of time before we were halfway through the list. So Jay has agreed to come back at some point down the line for a follow up show to cover more information from his books. Be on the look out for that episode in the future.

As always: may the wind be at your back along your journey towards health, fitness, and peace of mind.