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May the wind be at your back along your journey towards health, fitness, and peace of mind. 

Sep 27, 2018

Alex Bernier is a workout mentor and strength coach specializing in posture, performance, body composition, and chronic pain. He became a mentor to many over the years, but will always remain a student.

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"It's a powerful word, and I can still hear my coaches...

Sep 20, 2018


Howell Armand Hargett is an actor and producer in Los Angeles, CA. In 2014 he won an award at the Route 66 Film Festival in the People's Choice Competition for the film Nothing in Los Angeles.


Why does this get Armand fired up?

"To me it's all about inner spirit. You gotta have a fire that burns within you...

Sep 13, 2018

J. Wes Ulm is a professional physician, medical researcher, musician, novelist, and Jeopardy champion with extensive expertise and practical experience across a wide range of fields. He is an MD / PhD dual-degree graduate of Harvard Medical School and MIT via the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology,...

Sep 6, 2018

Lindsay Persico lives in Montana with her husband and three children. She manages her household and in her spare time she is able to pursue her love of hunting and all aspects of outdoor life. Processing game, hiking, fitness, shooting, fishing and camping are just some of the interests she finds herself enjoying.